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Phil Soven

Phil and our familie go way back. Him and Sheckler used to run around the gravity games as groms seeing what kind of trouble they could get into. Growing up on a lake in Florida, Phil literally grew up on the water. He learned to wakeboard better than most people can walk. He has won more contests over the years than anybody else in the sport. You are given a guitar every time you win a Pro Tour stop. We’ve been into Guitar Centers that don’t have as many as Phil does in his office.
As Phil’s riding reached the highest level it has ever been at, MTV approached him and his younger brother about doing a reality show. Phil was able to grow the sport into millions of homes through the “Wake Brothers” series. Few people in a sport are responsible for actually pushing that sport to new demographics and truly growing it. Phil has been able to accomplish this and as a result is a favorite among our other familie members. Way to go Froggy.