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Bree Kleintop

Bree grew up on the east coast in the surf town of Virginia Beach and started surfing on a longboard when she was 6. Her father was a competitive surfer, and going surfing with him behind their house was always her favorite time of the day. He inspired her fluid style and taught her that the ocean was like her church, a place to be one with nature and escape life’s stresses.

Bree’s father has worked in the surf industry for over 20 years and introduced her to Layne Beachley, who was actually the first one to teach her how to surf on a shortboard when she was 10. From that point on she was hooked! Layne gave Bree a St Christophers necklace and told her to wear it as good luck charm and to keep pushing her surfing. After that she would hop on her bike and ride down the boardwalk to the jetty to surf everyday until dark. She then started entering contests, competing in the ESA, NSSA and Surfing America Prime and doing well. Bree still wears the necklace to this day, and it has brought her amazing experiences whether it be surfing a perfect wave on the other side of the world or a photoshoot in some tropical paradise.

With her natural beauty and love of the ocean, it was a perfect fit for Bree to make a career out of both surfing and modeling. In 2015, Bree broke into the modeling world by being featured in “Pro Surf Girls You Love “ in Surfing Magazine’s Swimsuit Issue, During her down times she practices yoga, and you can always find her outdoors doing something fun whether it be paddle boarding, hiking or playing a game of basketball with the boys. She is an avid reader, has a passion for good music, loves to grow things in her garden and cook dinners for friends. Bree always has a smile on her face, and is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.