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Lauri Heiskari

Growing up in his native Finland, a young Lauri Heiskari dreamed about someday filming a snowboard video part in the far away land of North America. Who could’ve imagined that, just a few passing moons later, he’d already be able to look back on a hefty video line-up, with full parts on repeat from the likes of Mack Dawg, People, and the upcoming Standard Films’ movie, “TB20”? Rumors of heavy enders and double corks into the pow have been swirling all around this season, further proof that this dedicated Finn has no slowing down in sight. More than a decade after his memorable debut in the iconic release “Videogangs”, the same drive rings true: “Ten years later, and I still feel like the same kid, following my dreams. Each and every December, I get anxious and excited to start the process all over again.” Stay up with everything going down in Lauri’s world on his new blog and media site,