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J.J. Thomas

J.J. Thomas is an Olympic bronze medalist (2002) but took a lot of time away from contests to focus on filming. He rededicated himself in 2009, pushing for more amplitude, style and a dipped shoulder that increased the difficulty of his tricks. JJ came back strong earning Dew Tour victories in his returning seasons. In 2012, JJ decided to retire from competitive snowboarding and use his knowledge to help out familie member Louie Vito. With JJ as his coach, Louie as his sights set on an Olympic medal in 2014. JJ is also working around the clock on his rapidly growing brand Yea.Nice. Stoked to have JJ as one of the leaders of our crew!

“Ethika supports their athletes through thick and thin, and to me that means a lot. It is a true family, and I’m grateful to be a part of it since day one.” – JJ Thomas