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Greg Bretz

By the age of five, Greg Bretz’s talent for snowboarding was more than apparent. At first he learned to keep up by necessity, but it was soon clear that he was a natural on the board. By 2009, Greg was recognised as one of the top halfpipe snowboarders on the planet. At 18, Greg had become the newest and youngest member of the US Snowboarding Team, eventually securing a spot at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, where he placed 12th.

For Greg, big tricks – like stylish double corks – and personal style are key. That’s probably why he has consistently earned top 10 finishes in contests from the X Games to the Winter Dew Tour to the Burton U.S. Open.

His goals are to continue to perform well in contests, eventually film in the backcountry, and continue to advance his sport. “With the progression of snowboarding, there are always more tricks to be added,” Greg says. “You’re always learning more things. It’s always an ongoing process.”