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Paul Rodriguez

Paul Rodriguez was born in Tarzana, California on December 31, 1984. Paul began skating in 1996 and was a natural from the start, outshining his peers in magazines and videos as a 14-year-old. As a teenager, Paul was skating so well, some of the most seasoned pros began looking up to him, and his progression only continued. In 2002, Paul turned pro and won Transworld‘s Rookie of the Year. Paul has been the golden child of street skateboarding, of sorts, which not only landed him on Plan B, but made him the face of Nike SB. Paul was finally able to claim his first win at Street League in 2012, and he also took gold at 2012′s Summer X Games Street. You can expect Paul to be as on-point as ever going into the 2014 series, looking to stack a few more Street League wins and maybe even a Championship victory. With a list of accomplishments as long as Paul’s, those may be the last things missing.