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Machine Gun Kelly

When we first met MGK, he was recording music in his basement and we were selling underwear out of a garage. The first time our crews hung out was in Newport Beach one day. There were no sold out shows, no office, no fans. It was one of the most fun days we have ever had. Since that day, we watched as the Lace Up mixtape started to turn heads across the country. Kells watched as our familie began to grow. We saw him get his first record deal and he saw us open our first account. MGK has grown particularly tight with Ryan Sheckler and these two have vowed to take over the world together so you might want to get out of their way.

MGK released his mixtape Black Flag last summer, which is making rappers want to be rockstars. Our dude Meek Mill even hopped on this tape to drop a verse on the “Peso” track. Kells brings the heat in the studio but you won’t truly understand this artist until you go to one of his shows. Forget hip-hop, Machine Gun Kelly is one of the best live performers in all of music. With the second album coming soon, we look forward to watching the journey of MGK and the whole EST movement. Lace Up.