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Austin Carlile

In 2009, Austin Carlile got together with some close friends to help him write and record a song that he had been working on. He released the song “7,000 Miles for What”, on Myspace and named the project Of Mice & Men. In search of actual musical members, he moved to Southern California where Of Mice, would eventually be fully formed. In early 2010, he was forced to depart from the band due to heart related problems, which caused him to be unable to tour. Their highly anticipated debut self-titled album sold almost 6,000 records it’s first week on the shelves, spotting #115 on the Billboard Charts.

On May 28th, 2010 he had a “valve sparing aortic root replacement” surgery, and was in the hospital for over a week. With the help of his family, he began the long three month road to recovery. During this recovery, the label, Rise Records, contacted him about making music again. He jumped at the offer, and opportunity, and signed with them once again. After two bands, 3 years, open heart surgery, and over 100,000 records sold, Carlile continuously proves that he will not be letting up anytime soon.”

We were introduced to Austin through our good friend Tal Cooperman. Right away we were blown away by Austin’s humbleness and love of music. His passion is contagious! The friendships immediately started to grow. Austin, MGK, and Ryan Sheckler even formed their own crew – The Sunset Ratpack. Go grab Of Mice and Men’s new album Restoring Force on iTunes now!