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All Time Low

The band was All Time Low was formed in 2003 with Alex, Jack, Rian, and Zack in their hometown of Baltimore, MD. Since then, the band has put out 5 albums and spends most of the year touring. They have spent numerous years on Warped Tour, earning them one of the most loyal fan bases. No matter what city they are in, thousands of screaming fans come out to their shows. The band is spending the summer of 2013 on a stadium tour in Europe with Green Day.
When we look for artists we want to work with, the relationship has to be unique and organic. We actually met Jack in a Hollywood nightclub through some mutual friends and him and the rest of the band have grown to be part of our familie ever since then. These guys don’t take anything seriously and that’s why we love them.

“Ethikas make my package look much more impressive than it actually is. I went from scoring 6’s to getting 10’s every time.” – Jack Barakat