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Travis Pastrana

Is there anyone in motorsports as mental as Travis Pastrana? Because there sure isn’t anyone more famous. The man who broke all the laws of physics by landing the double backflip is the embodiment of FMX madness. At the 2006 Summer X Games, Pastrana nailed the double back in his run and ran away with the Best Trick Gold in one of the greatest moments in X history. Over the past few years he’s earned numerous FMX and MX titles, and along the way he’s turned lots of people into fans of his multi-sport trickery. Add up the stats, but the craziest fact is that Travis is only a part-time moto rider.He’s also a full time rally car racer as well as a stuntman, monster trucker, flat tracker, and more. Basically, if it’s got wheels, Pastrana will run it, wide open! In only his second season of rallying, he won the 2006 Rally America National Championship; the youngest title winner in American rally history. Pastrana dominated rally in 2006 driving his Subaru Impreza WRX STi as a member of the newly reincarnated and prestigious Subaru Rally Team USA. In 2007, he did it again, becoming the only rally driver in history to win the championship twice in a row. Like Ryan Sheckler, TP is one of the true original Ethika familie. If it wasn’t for him, this dream we are living wouldn’t be possible!