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Robbie Maddison

Robbie Maddison twisted his first throttle at the age of four, started racing at six years old, and by the time he was 16, he’d tucked the Australian national amateur championship under his belt. Then, turning away from racing, he followed the career of an electrician… until some old Aussie MX icons throwing down freestyle tricks, back in 2002 inspired him. “Maddo” has been performing ever since. He’s set jump-distance records, soared up onto and off of the Arc de Triomphe replica in Vegas, backflipped London’s Tower Bridge, jumped the start gantry at Formula One in Melbourne, and then the Corinth Canal in Greece. For 2011 Red Bull: New Year. No Limits, Robbie landed an amazing jump – in tandem with Levi LaVallee – over the San Diego Harbor and promised he’d go even farther next time.