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Nate Adams

Don’t even try to call it a comeback. It’s like he never left. When Nate Adams climbed back on his bike in 2006, after nearly a year out of commission, it was as though nothing ever happened. He was straight back into the mix and straight back onto the podium. He ended 2005 with a victory at the prestigious DC-sponsored Air & Style event in Munich, Germany, against a heavy field of international pros. Then went on a rampage in 2006, with highlights that included his fourth-straight FMX World Championship title as well as top honors on the hard-fought Dew Action Sports Tour, where he emerged as the series champion. 2007 saw more trials and tribulations, and more great finishes. Dew Tour wins were among the highlights, with another coming at summer X Games 13 when Nate, despite a broken finger that was barely patched together with screws and pins, took the Silver medal in FMX Freestyle. Indeed worthy of his title, “The Destroyer.”