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Josh Hansen

The son of a motocross legend, 26-year-old Josh Hansen has been practically living on two wheels since he could walk.

By the age of two, Josh had taught himself to ride a bicycle. Three years later, he fearlessly hit the dirt on a Yamaha. He started racing competitively at 8, touring the country and raking in amateur titles as his dad taught motocross classes. At 17, Josh went pro.

A decade later, the two-time X Games winner is one of the most respected riders on the scene, known for the smooth, effortless style he inherited from his dad.

In 2011, Hansen killed the West Coast Lites class and was sidelined with an injury just a couple races short of a championship. Josh found himself battling injuries again in 2012, but came back strong in 2013, already walking away with multiple X-Games medals in best whip and step-up. Josh has experienced more highs and lows than anyone we know, but always seems to come out of it with a smile. Josh Hansen is one bad dude and a true DBK!