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Cam Sinclair

Since the age of five, Cam Sinclair has been riding motorcycles. Cam began earning more money due to his FMX, than from racing and decided to switch his focus entirely on FMX in 2006 when he joined the Crusty Demons of Dirt Tour.
In 2008 in Sinclair set a new world record for the longest distance ever back-flipped on a motorcycle (129ft) and became the third person in the world EVER to land a double backflip on a motorcycle.
On July 18 2009 Sinclair crashed hard whilst competing in the Red Bull X Fighters Freestyle Motocross event in Madrid, Spain, suffering near fatal injuries when he under rotated and crashed the biggest trick in action sports. Lacerating his liver, breaking many bones and giving him extensive head injuries, his career in FMX was almost certainly over.
Facing six long months of daily rehabilitation, Cam Sinclair had to learn to walk talk and operate as a human being again, however his goal was always to return to riding and achieve his dream of winning the biggest event in action sports, the X Games.
Almost exactly a year to the day, in Los Angeles California, Sinclair made the ultimate return to the sport he loves; by landing a near textbook double backflip in the X Games, ‘Best Trick’ event, winning himself the illusive gold medal and completing what is arguably one of the greatest comebacks in sport..