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Morgan Wade

Adhering to the philosophy of “Go big or go home,” Morgan Wade’s daring is on display every time he’s on a park course. With huge airs and massive transfers, Wade goes bigger and cranks out crazier runs than almost every other rider out there.
Despite his penchant for crashing, Wade has the ability to win gold, which he proved when he took the title in park at the 2004 Gravity Games. Then, after taking home the silver medal at the 2006 X Games, Wade completed the 2006 Dew Tour in 13th place in the year-end rankings.
While the pressure of big time contests can be overwhelming, Morgan always seems to be having fun. His colorful personality, positive outlook, and creative sense of humor make it impossible not to notice this rider – especially when he’s doing The Worm in the middle of the BMX park course.
Recently Morgan has joined the BMX Mega Ramp crew as well and earned himself a silver medal at the 2013 X-Games in Germany. Love this dude!