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Drew Bezanson

Growing up in Truro, Nova Scotia, on the East Coast of Canada meant long winters and seclusion from the rest of the BMX world for Drew Bezanson, but persistence and a genuine passion for riding his BMX to the best of his ability has certainly begun to pay off.

Drew is a natural on a BMX and probably spends more time on his bike than off. One of many crown jewels in his trophy case is the 2010 Transworld BMX NORA Cup for Ramp Rider of the year. This prestigious award is the equivalent to the Academy Award in the BMX world due to the results being voted on by the BMX industry movers and shakers and fellow Pro riders.

Since his breakout year in 2010, Drew has become renowned as one of the top BMX park riders in the world. In both 2011 and 2012, he picked up a Simple Session 1st place, and more recently won the fifth edition of the Baltic Games in Gdansk in typical flamboyant style.

Earlier this year, Drew got all his elite BMX buds to come up to Toronto for a training session at the Joyride 150 bike park. The Red Bull Air Awareness Camp combined practising crazy new tricks with a vigorous training regime to get all the athletes into peak physical condition for the year ahead.

In May, Drew gave a solid performance at the X Games in Barcelona and walked away with 6th place.