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Brett Benasiewicz

Brett Banasiewicz, better known as Mad Dog, might be South Bend, Indiana’s one claim to action sports fame.
Mad Dog earned his stripes as a 14-year-old on the Gatorade Free Flow Tour, and impressed the judges at the Finals in 2008 by narrowly missing the podium after showcasing his arsenal of tricks. His performance still gave him the chance to go through Open Qualifiers on the Dew Tour the following year, and Mad Dog made good on the opportunity.
He landed on the podium in Salt Lake City for the first time in his rookie year and finished in 11th place overall on the 2009 Dew Tour. Mad Dog continued to tear up the contest scene and claimed third at the JoMoPro later in the year.
He continued to have success winning multiple Dew Tours through Summer 2012. At the end of summer, Brett suffered a bad crash that put him in the hospital for months. Since then, he has been on the recovery path learning how to walk, talk, and ride a bike again. Brett is one of the most determined, hard working people we have ever met and there is zero doubt in our minds that you will see this kid back on a bike. Brett is the most inspirational piece of our familie!