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Mar 19, 2014

Artist Spotlight: Kelley James

This week we want to take a look at one of our oldest friends and one of the most all around talented artists we know – Kelley James. We have literally known Kelley since Ethika was born. Kelley is a pretty raw musician. He plays the guitar, writes his own music, and can freestyle in the middle of a performance as good as anyone. For not having a major record label deal and most of the support that “mainstream” artists have, Kelley has earned himself a pretty big fan base across the country. With the support of companies like Oakley and Muscle Milk, KJ made a name for himself by going on the Sorority Tour, where he played at college sorority houses all over the country. Not a bad gig right? Kelley has also become a fixture and major sporting event parties like the PGA Tour, Moto GP, MLB All-Star games, and our own Ryan Sheckler’s golf tournaments. There aren’t many professional athletes who haven’t found themselves at a Kelley James show at some point.
Kelley just released his new album The Pattern Transcending on iTunes so grab that to hear his original music. Below are a couple of our favorite clips from Kelley playing live with some special guests. Check out his freestyle flow! To see when he is playing a show near you go check out for dates.

Photo: Full Frame Film

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Photo: Full Frame Film